BIOLOGY 3201 PUBLIC – JUNE 22nd AM SESSION – 8:45-11:45


● Intermediate students (grade 7-9) ​will have regularly scheduled classes on Monday, June 18th, Tuesday, June 19th, Tuesday, June 26th, Wednesday, June 27th.
● There are No Classes for Senior High (grades 10-12)​ students during the exam period (June 18-27).
● It is the student’s personal responsibility to bring all necessary materials as required to write the examination. Examination paper and graph paper will be provided.
● No other materials are to be brought into the gymnasium (including cell phones). If they are brought to the gymnasium they are to be placed at the front of the room.
● Students are not permitted to talk or pass materials to other students, except as directed by the teacher supervisor.
● No students will be permitted to leave the examination room during the first hour, except in the case of an emergency. After leaving the exam room students will not be permitted to re-enter.
● Students are not to loiter in areas outside of the examination room. Students not writing exams are to go to study hall (science room).
● The guideline of 10 extra minutes per hour of exam will be provided for all students.
● Busses will be running at their regular scheduled time.
● There will be changes to lunch hour for students writing exams. During this time, students will be dismissed for lunch at 11:40 and return at 12:25 with exams starting at 12:30.


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